President Joko Widodo or familiarly called Jokowi, inaugurated the groundbreaking of apartment project development for low-income people (MBR) in the Serpong area of ​​Tangerang on Saturday, 29 April 2017. The low income housing (rusunami) is called “PP Urban @ Serpong”.

This rusunami development project is conducted by PT PP (Persero) Tbk through its subsidiary, PT PP Urban. The project will be developed on a land in cooperation with PT Ruragraha (Bukit Sarua Development).

Nine apartment towers will be built in this area, consists of 6,000 special units for workers and low-income people, accommodate a population of about 18,000 inhabitants. Each apartment unit size is 30 m2 area, consists of two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, and family room at the price of 8.4 million / m2 or about 294 million.

“Rusunami development for low income people (MBR) will greatly help workers around Serpong to get a decent housing with affordable prices,” said Siswantono as President Director of PT PP Urban.

PT PP Urban has a good reputation in the field of construction, and is believed to be able to complete the project according to plan and with quality maintained. PT PP Urban develops innovative technology on building structures using precast method based on the concept of Mass Production in collaboration with Hanwha E & C from South Korea. Using precast & mass production method, the apartment development process is expected to be accelerated, hence the availability of low income housing supply can be sped up.